The Inaugural Vintage of Pym-Rae

Rarely does one find a movie goer who did not love the gifted actor and comedian Robin Williams.  He was truly one of American cinema’s greatest talents.  However, few would have heard of the grand plans Robin Williams had for his vineyard, Villa Soriso, (“the Valley of Smiles”), in Napa’s prestigious Mount Veeder Appellation.  He planned to release a premium wine named Pym-Rae, the combination of the middle name of two of his children (his son Zachery Pym, and his daughter Zelda Rae).  Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Cabernet Franc have been planted at Villa Soriso since the 1990s. Before the actor was ready to release his own wine, his estate sold its harvest to noteworthy wineries such as Rombauer, Vineyard 29, and Robert Craig.

After Robin Williams’ tragic passing, his wine estate was sold to the Tesseron family from Bordeaux, the owner of Château

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