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Laguna Cellar is a different kind of wine merchant.  We are passionate about offering a wide selection of the best wine from Bordeaux and Bourgogne (Burgundy).  Being wine collectors ourselves, we grew tired of hunting down our favorites.  We used to search multiple auctions, obscure online sources, and stores that often only offered over-hyped wines.  When we couldn't find that easy, trustworthy source, we set out to create it.

Like many wine aficionados, we believe that Bordeaux remains the benchmark for the wine made around the world today.  The most standout of the Bordeaux wines are the classified growths, also known as Grands Crus Classés.  Laguna Cellar specializes in offering the complete list of the most well-known classified growths.  We also believe any serious wine lovers should broaden their palates to experience what Bourgogne, the other famous wine region in France, has to offer.  It is fair to say one doesn't really know wine if he/she hasn't tasted both Bordeaux and Bourgogne.

There is a good bottle of Bordeaux and Burgundy wine for everybody.  You can find a delightful wine for every occasion and every budget.  Laguna Cellar offers a wide selection of Bordeaux fine wine, including a complete list of Médoc classified growths from the Left Bank, along with a selection of Pomerol and Saint-Emilion from the Right Bank.  In addition, we carry an extensive list of Burgundy fine wine, from the readily accessible regional Bourgogne to the most famous grand cru monopole, both blanc and rouge.

Our customers range from wine investors and restaurants seeking celebrated first growths to those who simply want to drink better table wine.  Wine lovers understand that enjoying wine together builds community and that giving wine shows appreciation for others. And recent scientific research shows that enjoying a glass of wine regularly can improve your health and happiness!

Laguna Cellar sources our collection directly from winemakers and from well-established negociants in Bordeaux and Burgundy.  Several of our trading partners have been in the wine trade for hundreds of years.  We ship directly from France in refrigerated containers so the wine we offer has never been exposed to unfavorable conditions or out of trusted control.  Our modern cellar is maintained at strict temperature and humidity levels.  This meticulous oversight costs a little more, but in a trade sadly tainted by fraud and poor storage, we feel it is important to offer our customers impeccable provenance on the wine we sell.



In 2019, Wine-Searcher, the leading search site for wine enthusiasts and wine buyers, awarded Laguna Cellar its 2019 Retailer Award in two categories: GOLD French List in Irvine and SILVER Burgundy List in Irvine.

Laguna Cellar was also selected as the Best Wine Wholesaler and Importer in the annual Best of Irvine Award program, which was created to recognize the City of Irvine small business community's contributions to the U.S. economy.

At Laguna Cellar, we aim to take the trouble and doubt out of finding the right wine that matches your taste.

Life is too short not to drink great wine! 

We love hearing from you, whether you are a current or future customer. Please contact us if you have any questions on products, orders, or anything wine-related.

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