The Barsac appellation is a renowned wine-producing region located in Bordeaux, known for its exceptional sweet wines. Barsac is a small village on the Left Bank of the Garonne River. Spanning approximately 600 hectares, the Barsac appellation shares many characteristics with its famous neighbor Sauternes

The origins of viticulture in Barsac date back several centuries with a rich history and a tradition of producing high-quality sweet wines. The soils in Barsac are composed of gravel and sand over a limestone subsoil which allows excellent drainage and concentrates the aromas in the grapes. 

AOC Barsac and AOC Sauternes date from September 1936. Barsac wines are often distinguished by a particular freshness and liveliness that sets them apart from those of Sauternes. 

Barsac are mainly based on the Sémillon grape variety, making these the finest wines in the world and sometimes other grape varieties of Barsac wines such as Sauvignon Blanc, Sauvignon gris, Muscadelle are added to create a unique wine. 

Among the most iconic châteaux of the Barsac appellation are Château Coutet and Château Climens which are classified as premier cru (First Growths) in the 1855 classification both recognized for their exceptional quality. 

Other estates are classified Second Growths such as Château de Myrat, Château Doisy-Daene, Château Doisy-Dubroca, Château Doisy-Vedrines, Château Broustet, Château Nairac, Château Caillou and Château Suau. 


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