At Laguna Cellar, we listen to our customers constantly. Many have expressed an interest in regular wine tastings in a curated fashion. Sure, there are other offers of Monthly Wine Clubs (as offered by The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, etc.), but our customers are looking for something better, something more than just a selection of unknown/untested brands from hidden corners of the world. With over 6000 wineries and vineyards in Bordeaux alone, there are simply too many great French wines hidden in plain sight. Our customers asked us to come up with a solution that would make French wine discovery easier.

Starting in October 2018, we have presented Laguna Cellar Wine of the Month selection: 4 bottles of Bordeaux and/or Burgundy wines for a discounted set price of $225 as a renewable subscription, or available for one-time purchase for a set price of $250.  Each month, we feature a different selection of wines, drawn from our portfolio of Grands Crus Classés and Crus Bourgeois.  This is a perfect way for the curious wine lovers to discover the rich selection of world famous wines of France.

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